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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The beinging

I decided to start this blog so that i can try and reach out kadyns story to many people. It may be helpful, or it may not be, but this is where i can vent all about kadyn my son, hero and truely the love of my life.

It all began in Novemeber of 2006. Thank you to the person who invented home pregnancy tests. I found out i was pregnant in Novemeber. I was excited and so was Kadyns daddy. We were over joyed. We had been together for four years and found out about the pregnancy on our fourth anniversary.
I was a little late getting into the doctors due to insurance but when i went in we saw him for the first time. I was 14 weeks gestation. it was amazing, and my docotor knew we were having a boy then. I went in for my 18th week, and everything was fine, up until the 22nd week of my pregnancy. Thats when they did the formal ultrasound and kadyn was then diagnoised with Fetal Congenital Hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is basically too much fluid in the ventricals of your brain. Me and Harvey (kadyns father) never cryed so hard in our lives and for the first time in my life i saw harvey crying. Well months and months passed and everything was always the same, his head grew and grew and i made it o 39 weeks. They couldnt find a fluid pocket. It was on Thursday june 28th and they sent me home because kadyns vitals where perfect and schedualed my csection for the monday july 2nd.

So the weekend was full of worry and happiness because i could finally get to hold and be with my son!! We were excited. The hardest part was sunday night i could have my ice cream before bed time :-( lol
Monday came and everything went great the c section went perfect, kadyn came out crying and he was pink and beautiful. He was shown to me and then rushed to the NICU. He was on oxygen for 10 minutes then he was on room air. He was then rushed to the childrens hospital while i recovered in the hospital i gave birth to him in.

His father went with him in the ambulance to childrens hospital. Kadyn was shunted 10 hours after he was born. He did great. He was incubated (tube in throat) right after surgery and they kept it in there to help him, well he didnt like that and took that tube out and because he did so well, they didnt put it back in. Kadyn was put on a feeding tube and was also on a heat vent. The heat was barely on because he was keeping his temp up. HIs head circumfrance at brith was 55cm. It was almost a week before i could see my lil man again. I got to see him that friday. it was amazing!!!
Kadyn was sent home from the Nicu 3 weeks after he was born. We had him home for maybe a week and we had to rush him back, Kadyn has developed a shunt infection. He needed emergancy surgery and the doctor came out before his surgery and told me, kadyn may not make it through this surgery. He is so weak and sick. I dropped to my knees and balled my eyes out. I almost died right there. Well an hour passed and we recieved great news, kadyn was doing perfect, he did great and would be in the NICU in an hour. So i got myself together nad went and ate. When i saw him...omg i was devistated. My poor lil man looks soo miserable. Things got better though. the next day he was crying for food. So we fed him. He was there for two months. Then sent home.
Kadyn did so well he delveloped seizers though but he was put on meds and meds were changed and thats under control. Kadyn was home for 6 months before he has any more probelms.

JUst recently with in this month he had to have a shunt revision, which is common, no probelm, they stay for 24 hours after surgery and go home. Well he ended up getting a bad skin infection with this one and we went back two or three times before the infection just ate his skin away and exposed his shunt. He had to get his shunt taken out and an evd put in. He was in the hospital for two weeks and then shunted again adn sent home. He is doing great now. We are finally learning to spoon feed. He is ten months old.

I love this boy to death. I quit my job for him, basically put my life on hold becuase he is sooo important to me. I love you kadyn!!!

ill post pictures of then and now tomorrow. im going to go feed kadyn and go to bed!!


Kristen said...

Wow your little guy has been through so much! What a trooper!!

Anonymous said...

I am truly touched by Kadyn's story. I'm certain this has been an amazing and yet frightening time in your life.

You don't have to publish this comment, but I would like to suggest that you edit the title. I'm assuming it should be "The Beginning", but it says "The beinging" (that isn't a word).

I wish you guys all the luck in the world.

Ká Mariana said...

The history of this lovely boy touched me. I am the mother of a beautiful little girl. You are blessed by God and his son a miracle. May God be with you always. I loved knowing your family history. I cried to see the videos, I am very excited. I would contact to find out the evolution of the prince who is the Kadyn. Kiss sincere Katia Mariana