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Monday, June 16, 2008

Another day here at the Hospital...

I really do not like some of these nurses here at the hospital. Idk, who changes thier 11 months old kids diaper while they are sleeping. I serisouly yelled at the nurse. I asked her if she would change her kids diaper in the middle of the night, i told her not to worry about changing him at all, that i would do it when i felt he needed it. IDK, they dont like when u dont change ur kids diaper every hour. I usually change it when i feel it is full enough. Kadyn gets really angry when he is woken up. Well luckly he didnt fuss alot. Kadyn still isnt up to full feeds but his neurosurgan came in and said that he thinks its because he was draining too much so he set the pressure setting higher. Kadyn is sleeping now, but they gave him pain medicaine because he was just sooo irritable. They think maybe the larger amounts are antibiotics is making his tummy upset. Idk. Kadyn is truely an awesome kid and a fighter but he isnt fighting off this infection very well. HE is a really sick boy but im sure he will start to come around within a week here. Luckly we caught it in time and it didnt get worse. He was still a happy lil boy when i brought him in, just really hot. I miss being home though, i miss my bed, i miss my best friend harvey, (kadyns daddy) i wish he was here and not in california but next wednesday he will finally be home YAY