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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another Day

So Kadyn has been acting great lately. Kadyn and I went for a walk and we walked pretty far. It was nice. He ended up falling asleep during this walk. But i walked up to Sears which is only like a mile away from my house. So i walked there and stopped at a dollar store and found dinosaur shapped books. When u open them inside then is just objects with the name printed under it. LIke there is a picture of a boat adn it just says boat, which to me is awesome learning books for him! Well then we went into sears and i got his cousin Matthew who is turning 2 years old a pari of pjs and two tshirt and all ispent was 11 bucks! I was so happy. The items were 50% off then an extra 40% off that. I was like OMG jack pot!!!


Not much to report today. kadyn is still constantly saying dadadadadadaaaa and repeating when isay it, so thats awesome.

No doctors until aug 8th but he gets his 12 month shots then...ugh. lol

Well i hope everyone has a goodnight!!