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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sleepytime Headrest

Kadyn has a new head rest to help keep him upright and positions right. Now let me explain what this is. Its a headrest for children with or without specail needs so when they fall asleep thier heads dont go forward or off the the side.

So this is suppose to help kadyn with his head control in his car seat, its suppose to keep him upright and not have his head go over to the side. Plus she said with me feeding Kadyn in the car seat it will help with feedings. The only problem is that it IS NOT covered by insurance, and it is going to cost me $45 that I dont NOT have. So now im going to try and sell and pawn some things to save up for this. They gave me one to borrow for a week. Just a week though. :-( Ugh. So maybe Harvey will have the money his next pay check which is next week. My paycheck is covering some bills that i HAVE to pay. Ugh. This really isnt good lol. At least i have one for aweekm and maybe ill be able to borrow it for another week. He doesnt like it at all, but thats becuase its a different position then what h eis used to. Its different, and once he gets used to it, he iwll like it.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a PayPal account?

Kristen said...

I'll pray that God provides you the money. I understand how tough that can be.

Sherri Marbutt said...

I am the owner of Sleepy Time. If your child needs a headrest just send me an email and let me know your situation. I was given this business to help children all over the world by God. He loves your child and wants to help him. It would give me great joy to help your child.
In Christ,
Sherri Marbutt