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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kadyn Is trying to hold his head up more now

He was playing. Our friend (roommate) Kristie was talking to him in the background also.

He was in such a good mood today. I wish I was in as good as a mood as he was. I just woke up way to early. I made breakfast. Blueberry pancakes and sausage. It was yummy. I just put Kadyn to bed because he was getting cranky. I am loving my new house and the people I live with. I decided to sell some of my dresses online. They are prom/homecoming/bridesmaids dresses. They are on craigslist. I hope they sell. I put them for more than half of what I paid for them, which is good because they all only been worn once, then put into my closet. I love these dresses, but have no use for them. I am going to use the money to buy kadyn new clothes. He needs them bad. He needs 18 month size clothes now.


Kadyn missed his Neurology appointment today because of the nasty weather. I wasn't going to go on 94 with it snowing and icy out during rush hour. I rescheduled it. They understood.  So he will be seen next month. I just need to  make his neurosurgery appointment soon. I'll do that tomorrow. 


I am going to go to bed now, well try to. Have a good night! Enjoy this video :-0)

Kadyn loves peek a boo <3


Sarah Zoe said...

I bookmarked your page and have been checking to see that you guys are ok. Kadyn is so fantastic, brave little man with such a cute smile. I'm thinking of you both often.

Sarah, Nottingham, England.

Anonymous said...

How determined he is!!! So great!