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Sunday, January 11, 2009

So I need to update everyone

Here is the situation.

Number one: Kadyn gets his chair, stroller, and bath seat in 3 months

Number two: We are moving into our new house next week

Number three: Monday is Harvey's birthday (22)

Number four: Kadyn has been in the best of moods

Number five: I really need someone to come explain to Kadyn what a nap is now

Number six: Kadyn will be getting a new puppy

Number seven: I just ate the best mac n cheese ever

Number eight: Kadyn is starting to use more motor movements in this whole eating thing

Number nine: Beechnut pureed foods taste and smell just like adult foods

Number ten: 6 more months and Kadyn will be 2 can ya believe that?

This is my goofy lil blog for the morning.



Kristen said...

LOL you are goofy. :o)