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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Warning, Video on here is KInda Sad

So, I had decided to take a video of what kadyn was acually doing when I took him into this hospital. Now this is when he was starting to come out of his siezure. Basically this is kinda informational for those who are a little curious as to what it looks like. The next time I am going to take a video of his siezure. His doctor asked me to so they know exactly what it is.

He had a partial siezure, but this is when he was begining to come outta it. He has his music on in the background because he had just woke up when this had happened. I had just given him his medication bottle.
ANyways here is the video. If you have a weak tummy or if you don't want to watch then I suggest you dont. This is pretty much for educational purposes and for the doctors, but i wanted to share a piece of what I go through.

As you can see his left side was still picking up the socks. He loves eating socks (yes they were clean socks) SO he was still able to think during this attack. But his right side as you saw i picked it up and it just flopped, he was paralized on his whole right side, and his neck too. It was a short video, it was while I was waiting for paramedics to come. He had just started to come around.

YOu can see his eyes are still twitching that was part of his siezure still, but he was responsive and playing kinda.

I just wanted to show everyone what I go through, what he goes through. It isn't fun, it also helps those who have children with Kadyn's condtion show them what to look for.

Tomorrow is therapy. YAY.

Well I am going to try and sleep now, goodnight :-)


bridget said...

Poor little guy...and you too for having to watch him go through that. I sure hope they figure something out soon that will help him so he doesn't have to keep going through that. Hugs to you both!

Carla said...

Thanks for posting the video. Lots of hydro babies have siezures & I know I may have to deal with it with my little guy. I appreciate seeing what it looks like. I'm sorry for all that you & Kadyn go through. He's a fighter & your one tough momma! Hugs to you & Kadyn!

Jeremy said...

I came across your video on you tube and googles Kadyn name, hoping to find an update. I am so glad that you decided to blog about your family's experience. You are an inspiration.