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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Everything seems perfect

Kadyn is laughing and playing all the time. His congestion is going away and all of his teeth that where coming through have popped through. So thats done for now. NO siezures in along time. This is the longest Kadyn has been out of the hospital in a long time...maybe ever. I just knocked on wood too. He is learning new things everyday and trying soooo hard to crawl, he wants to crawl, he could crawl, if his head was a little lighter, but thats okay.

We got our new dog...we named her Corona (like the beer). I just liked the name, I don't like beer lol. She is such a good dog, she doesn't jump on the furniture unless of course we call her up on it. Last night she slept through the night with no accidents. She has had a couple accidents, but thats my fault for not letting her out as often. I did today and no accidents today. She loves being outside, we have to fight to bring her in, which in the summer will be a good thing because she will love to be out there.  She is really sweet and gentle, she will jump up and hug you, but she is very careful around Kadyn. She doesn't jump around him or anywhere near him. She will lay next to him and he can pull her fur and she just licks him. I think she might like the taste of the pedisure on his face LOL. She is such a good dog. I am glad we chose her. 

Well I have to call and make her vet appointments. She supposably had Kennel cough which is a cold for dogs. She hasn't coughed once or anything since she has been here but she is on Antibiotics which we give to her in hotdogs. lol. Well anyways.

Kadyn is getting louder so I better go play with him and take pictures :-)


Anonymous said...

I am so happy you're experiencing a nice big window of happiness ~ and I love that little grayscale pic of Kadyn you posted in the upper right corner of your blog ~ ~ he's so so cute... you are so blessed.