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Thursday, March 19, 2009

I've got hiiiiiggghh hopes i've got hiiiiggh in the sky hopes

(subject=song is in my head :)  )  

Kadyn is still excelling even without having therapy in over a month. He is lifting his head more and more. Though we have wood floors here I have to rush over and put my hands on the floor so he hits his head on my hands and not the floor. He continues to just travel by rolling around everywhere. It is truly wonderful the progress he is making. He now knows 7 words, Mama, dada, lala, (yes they consider lala a word) baba, hi, Ba bye, yay, he can clap his hands and he can clap his feet (yea he can wait until I get that on video lol) he can also move both legs at the the same time but like up and one leg is up while the other is I think that is understandable way to explain it. He also knows what the nose is. You tell him to honk your nose and he will reach up and grab your nose but you have to say honk or he will cry lol. He will then grab his nose and snort. It's too funny. 

Another big thing he learned to do. He learned to splash the water in the bathtub today. I didn't put him in his bath seat (he grew out of it) I put a lil water in the tub and layed him in it. He began to just splash everywhere. He loved it!

He has been belly laughing a lot more also. He is just cruising along. For awhile he was just at a point where he wasn't doing anything, but now that he has his new catheter going to the back of his head he seems to be shooting away. 

Well I am going to make me a sammich and I am going to make harvey pizza rolls


Kristen said...

Wow, he's doing so many things! What a joy that brings! Sounds like you are having a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey ~ you'll be baby-proofing your home before you know it!! (Wait til he discovers the fun of splashing his hands in the toilet) (I am going thru that phase w/ my lil guy right now... ugghhh!!!!!)

Sweetest Girl in the World said...

You said no news was good news a while ago... but this is GREAT news! I'm happy that a fun feeling is taking over the worry feeling you had a week ago!

He's a little steam roller! I love that!