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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

oh I forgot to mention

Kadyn's port isn't working. It is good for Iv access but it will not give blood. So, we are possibly looking at another surgery to replace that. ISn't that nice! Ugh!!


Kristen said...

Oh geesh! I'm so sorry to hear that.

celticspyrt said...

Good Morning! I wanted to tell you what and absolutely amazing Mom you are! I was doing research last night on children that lost their lives at the hands of their parents and somehow cam across your video diaries of Kadyn. Kadyn is such a good looking and very sweet boy and as you are blessed to have him in your life he is also very blessed with a very loving mother and father. I wish everyone could be as sweet and honest and pure as you all are when it comes to their children. I want you to know that Dad, YOU and Kadyn are in my thoughts and prayers now from this day forward. I will follow Kadyn's progress to watch him become a gentle sweet loving man because his parents taught him the TRUE MEANING of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. BLESS YOU!