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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Kadyn is with my mom for the night. I am thankful. I really needed a break to just clear my head. I love my son to death, but staying up for 2 days in a row WHEW. I have a job interview tomorrow. Yea it's just taco bell but oh well who cares. It's more money then what I'm making now.

Kadyn slept most of the day today so I got to sleep with him. We both cuddled up in my bed and just conked out. It felt great. 

Tonight I am going to be hanging out with my friends. I miss them. This will be good!

What do you think about my new layout? I didn't make it. I was too lazy LOL!


Juh said...

God bless your family

bridget said...

You're not a bad mom for needing a break from Kaydn. In fact, I think a night away will make you a better mom. You need and deserve some "you time" to clear your head so you can be refreshed. Have fun with your friends and get some rest! :o)

bridget said...

Oops...sorry I spelled Kadyn's name wrong! Guess my fingers got messed up!

Kristen said...

I love your new background!! It's perfect!! Of all the backgrounds you have had it is my favorite one!

Sleep tight!

Anonymous said...

LUV the background and am LOL'n cuz I was just online today looking for some 'cheeky monkey' graphics to make my lil' guy a tshirt (w/ inkjet iron-on transers [luv 'em!!] for the San Diego zoo trip we're taking next week!!
OOh-ooh ~ AH - ah~~~ (monkey sounds)
Enjoy your
Wish I had some family around to allow me the same.