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Thursday, April 9, 2009


What a day I have had. First Kadyn's surgery appointment. What a big disappointment. It seems like nothing can ever go right the first time. I am just frustrated with everything today.  I come home and Kadyn takes a nap YAY. Except I couldn't nap because I had some things to do. So I run up the stairs and BOOM fall down on them. Bruised my arm and leg. It hurts to lift Kadyn and to walk. Ugh! So now I'm sore. Luckily I have a child who does not like being cuddled and carried. 

What a day. I start my new job next week. What a wonderful company I am going to be working for. I am so excited! 

Kadyn is doing really good today. He was so good at his surgery appointment. He just talked to his surgeon and told him all about it. haha. I wish I had a video then. What a beautiful day it turned out to be today. I was thinking about going outside with Kadyn but I decided it wasn't a good idea. It is too windy. 

So we are hanging out in the house watching tv. He is rolling all around saying ba bye. I think he plans on going somewhere. I don't know where. :-) 


Cait said...

Just passing through. I saw your video on youtube. You're son is gorgeous! Very handsome. :)
What a blessing he must be. Good luck and god bless!

BlueEyedMama said...

Love the pics. He is so cute.