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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kadyn is himself again

Wednesday night and thursday night is when this took place

THANK YOU GOD! I love when things work out in my favor. So here is what happened. Very odd!!

Kadyn starting vomiting everything up. He couldn't even keep his medications down, so with fear I go to the hospital. There they do a ct scan and xray. His CT scan showed built up fluid in the back of his brain, where his second catheter is. Well they deiced since Kadyn did have something to eat that he would have to wait over night for his surgery. That's find seeing as he was just sleeping.

At 5am in the morning I wake up  t0 the sound of my son laughing and playing. A neurosurgeon rn (my favorite one..because he is so caring...oh and should i mention just down right handsome!!!) was playing with him. I woke up and he was like I am sorry to wake you but Kadyn is one of my favorite patients and he was awake and alert. He said that he was going to redo the CT scan seeing as he was showing signs of improvement before they took him to surgery. SO guess what. 

The fluid that was built up, had decreased some!!! THANK YOU! That means his shunt is working! YAY! So then his neurosurgeon came in and said that he doesn't need surgery. Obviously whatever was blocking his shunt was pushed through either by him crying his eyes out when he did or just finally pushed through. I swear someone is watching over Kadyn. I cried!! I was so exciting. They kept us one more night to do a repeat ct scan. SO they did and the fluid was right back down to "normal" for kadyn at least. So they sent us home. YAY

I ended up going to my sisters on friday. Renee the one in Ohio. While I was there I picked up Kadyn an OHIO state outfit. I figured since we were there we should blend in haha. I don't have pictures of him in it, but I have an old picture of him in his old Ohio state outfit. I loved it on him, he was so cute in it, then again he is cute in anything

Monday I am going to call on his equipment again. Hopefully it will be in soon. UGH! I am tired of waiting for it!! OH well, Well i am going to go shopping for an outfit for work and then I am going to take Kadyn for a walk at Elizabeth park. Beautiful. I will be sure to take Pictures. ALOT of them!!!


Anonymous said...

Your little bean looks SO cute in that outfit ~ luv it!! Am sure he looks equally cute in the bigger version!!! Am glad you have such a conscientious nurse looking after your Kadyn - Dr's rely a LOT on nursing care in this day and age (and unfortunately because money is so often the bottom line) and this may be a good lesson in the matter of making sure the assigned nurse/s is on his or her toes and to not assume the peoples taking care of your baby are on top of things. Which is also why it is such a wonderful thing that you are quite the Supermom and are always so involved. Kudos to you.

TeriD said...

I have been following your blog for sometime, your little guy is so incrediably adorable. So Ohio State huh, I have a brother that lives in Strongsville, near Cleveland and one in Niles, near Youngstown/Warren.

Kristen said...

Good thing Kadyn had eaten, otherwise he just might have gone through a surgery that he would not have needed. That's awesome how that worked out.

I am surprised the hospital did so many CT scans in such a short amount of time. I'm sure it was necessary, but gesh, that's a lot of radiation exposure.

chinry said...

Your little prince is so adorable! And it must feel so good now when he is okej again. I have been thinking a lot of you two. I am from Sweden and my english is not the best! Hugs

bridget said...

So glad Kadyn is feeling better and back to his old self again! Can't wait to see the pictures! Take care.