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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

OH boy

I have notice Kadyn is starting to have a hard time doing things. Like rolling over, he used to be soo good...he would do it in 2 seconds front to back...not he is having a hard time going back onto his back.I just don't get it. He is suppose to have surgery and a neurosurgary appointment next week thursday. I am going to still go to the appointment on thursday because I want them to lookat him and see him. They haven't in so long. He doesn't really touch him other than his head and that will be fine. That is also pending on how Kadyn feels.

The pictures are from the park. Kadyn and Korona loved it. Those two are like best friends. haha. I love it.

My first day of work was today. I loved it. I made chicken wings and sampled out salads. I have lots of food left that I get to keep and eat here. We made wing dings and zings. Zings are spicy. Also sampled out a delicous Smoked Applewood Chicken salad. AMAZING! We had cole slaw, potato salad, german potato salad, rotoni parmison salad, and antopasto salad. It was amazing. For doing this demo today I made 110 cash. I just had to stand there and make food all day. Umm easy!! I am so happy that I got this job!!! I love it!!
I just fried up some wings for the family here, but I have so much food left. I wrote a bulliten on myspace asking my friends to come get some!! haha!!!


Anonymous said...

I just love that little guy... he is so precious. Korona's eyes are so cool...