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Monday, May 11, 2009

I never thought blogging would be so hard

I'm struggling to find things to blog about. I'm trying to think of subjects and topics. I just miss blogging about something everyday. I don't miss blogging about bad things that have happened. Well I can blog about mothers day.

Yesterday was okay for me. I went out to eat with my mom, sister and grandma along with Kadyn of course. He slept through the whole thing!! I got lovly cards and even flowers. I guess my mom thought I was allergic. It was hard to drive home LOL! But very thoughtful of her. They are currently outside on the porch just hanging out there. 

It all ended with me going to my friends how and beating him in a game of Halo, trying to play rock band and completely failing at the attempt and then we played some other silly video game. I really need to work on  my rock band skills. I am not very good at coordinating the buttons to the screen. 

Kadyn has very bad diaper rash right now :-(. I think it's because Harvey doesn't seem to like to change Kadyn's diaper when he smells he has gone Poo. Well I like to change it right away because Kadyn's skin is so over sensitive that he gets rashes to easily. Well now he has one and i feel horrible. I went to change his last night again before he went to sleep and it was bleeding. I calmly told Harvey that he must no leave Kadyn in a poop diaper because he wants Kadyn to finish and that it doesn't take a child 5 minutes to finish.  What happened after that I'll keep to myself but now I have to question if I am able to have a Mommy's day out and be able to leave Kadyn with his father. It's sad. 

Other than that nothing new. PEdisure came out with a new flavor. Berry Cream. How exciting! Kadyn loves it. He will eat eat eat it all up! 
Well pizza is here...time for me to eat!!


nikjarv said...

I know... right? I started a daily picture blog myself- it has only been 2 weeks, and I am running out of ideas. I do like to hear your updates- and follow Kadyn. I found you on youtube- and was happy to see you blogged. I can't imagine that it is the same baby!!! He has come so far! Keep up the good work- and even if you have nothing you think is important to blog about, know that even just writing about your day, no matter how boring, helps others get through theirs!

Kristen said...

I know what you mean about trying to come up with stuff to blog about. I have to roll it around in my mind sometimes for awhile before I come up with something. But this was a great post you wrote...just about the random happenings of life. In years to come it will be fun to go back and read such details like developing allergies to your Mother's Day flowers. :-)

Anonymous said...

I hear ya with the frustration in the differences in reality between Daddy and Mommy and what constitutes proper baby care.... My husband never takes off the diaper unless it's 'wet enough' - - which is absolutely SOAKING wet and about 5 lbs... and the poo situation... well that too relative with the idea of 'full enough' which I suspect is when mom's around to change it.. aarrghh!!!!