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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Things have been good

Kadyn is growing and growing more and more everyday. In less than 2 months Kadyn will be 2 years old. Yes 2. I can't believe it's been that long since I was in the OR waiting for them to let me meet my son. waiting for the first cry. Ahh seems like yesterday. I was looking back at old pictures and he was so tiny. I remember when preemie clothes where too big on him and he was full term baby. He was just so tiny. I am glad we are past those days because they were the roughest days ever. Things haven't gotten easier until just recently. Now things seem to be at a stand still. (knocks on wood) 

I feel as though maybe this time we will go months without seizure activity. Just like it used to be. He would have months without anything then have one and it was usually for a reason. Kadyn needs  break so he can learn more things and improve himself more. I am hoping to get his chair in soon. I am going to call them again and bug the crap out of them until i get my results. 

Well I am going to go get my friend and then watch movies with Kadyn and him. 



Kristen said...

I remember not too long ago, you longed for 2 months of normalcy. It sounds like you are getting that right now *knock on wood*. I pray it's here to stay!!