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Monday, July 27, 2009

Our vacation

It was amazing. It started out 4 hours north. We took off Tuesday Morning. Whew it was a long 4 hour drive.

Kadyn didn't seem to mind though.

This was pretty much the view the whole way there. Of course you can see my mcdonalds sweet tea. Im addicted

I love the view on the way there. It's just so pretty and peaceful.

I took Korona with me. She didn't seem to mind the drive. Wish she was able to drive it! (haha)

When we arrived Kadyn was so happy.

This is the dirt road the leads to our property.

Here is the gate to our property. I had to unlock it. It was hard to drag over and open it, but I did it! 

This is the trailor. It was broken into again when I arrived. They didn't take anything but 50 cents that was in a cup this time. I was nervous about going up to the trailor but I did and made sure everything was okay. My parents arrived 15 minutes after me.

While I awaited for them to arrive I decided to take pictures of the property. This is the woods along with a fallen down tree and the grill.

Here is the fire pit and the open field where we lay animal feed down. Also There is Kadyn's outdoor pack and play also with the sheet over to keep the bugs out. 

More woods. So peaceful.

Even more peaceful woods. 

Clothes line, more and more woods.

Kadyn seems to like it.

Korona seems to like being out of the car also.

Kadyn enjoyed walking around the property.

We saw Amish people at the Mcdonalds. I didn't know that they went to fast food restaurants. I love watching their horses though. 

I also went four wheeling. Here is the trail I went down. 

Can you spot the deer? I was only able to get a picture of one of them but there were two moms and two babies. I saw them while four wheeling.

We also had a fire every night. We cooked our food on the fire and roasted marshmellows

My mom and dad's dogs joined us on the trip. Dinker and Spaz. They are rat terriors. 

My mom bought Kadyn a pool. He didn't get to use it, it was too cold

The night sky was soo beautiful up there.

Kadyn was having such a good time.

That is were Kadyn slept. We put it up on the couch because there was no place else to put his bed.

I slept here. Those are the shorts I wear to bed. It's kinda messy in there but thats because I didn't make the bed.

Here is the kitchen. 

Where Kadyn played my parents bed.

Then I drove by a sign. I think it was suppose to be furniture for sale. I though that was funny.

I then headed to Ohio. I love that sign!

This is my niece Sequoya and her horse Blue. 

Here is what I get for not reapplying sunscreen on myself. OUCH it hurts soo bad!

I had a really good vacation. It was really nice. I went four wheeling and so did Kadyn. He only went around the property though. He really enjoyed it. It rained a lot while we were there so I ended up leaving earlier than I wanted to.

Well I decided to down to Ohio. I saw my niece show her horses, she did really good. I got really sun burnt there so I decided to come home earlier then I wanted again. I just couldn't handle the hard trailor bed on my sun burn.

All in all this was probably a well needed vacation. It gave me time to think and breath, and it gave Kadyn's dad a little break. We both agree it was good enough. Next time Kadyn will be going with his daddy somewhere. I'll stay home. 


Kristen said...

I like that Ohio sign too! :-)

I like that you took pictures of the roads and trails on the way up. It made me feel like I came along for the ride. :-)

Anonymous said...

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