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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I am truly blessed to have Kadyn for 3 holiday seasons. After being told I wouldn't even have one with him. I am truly a very lucky mommy, as are all parents who have children with special needs. We all know how it is to wonder if we will be spending the holidays with out children. I thank God everyday for Kadyn being as healthy as he is for all that he has gone through. I thank God that things have settled with him and that he is on the right medication to control his seizures. I am very blessed. I am lucky to be the mommy to the most happiest, content little boy. Kadyn is sleeping in his crib across from me right now, and I can't help but smile. He just makes me the happiest in the world. He seems to be doing very good the past couple days. So I am thinking (blaming) the weather and how crazy it has been. Gotta love Michigan!
I leave you with this lovely picture of Kadyn in his Halloween costume. If you know who he is...YAY!


Kristen said...

Luigi, right?!! That's awesome!!

And Hooray for 3 holiday seasons with Kadyn! He is equally blessed to have you as his mommy, who loves and adores him so much!