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Monday, November 16, 2009

Am I just a worried bird?

Today Kadyn slept until 3pm. It is 7pm and he is sleeping again. When he is awake he barely opens his eyes. I feel as though maybe I am going crazy, but this has been going on far too long to just be viral. I just want him better. I want him home this year for all the holidays. I am so tired of being in and out of the hospital. I got my 5 months of peace and being away from there. I am thankful for those 5 months, but it is just not fair.

Being thankful is what this month is all about. Showing appreciation and happiness around this time is hard for me. Especailly when me baby boy is in and out of the hospital. It's so hard to remain sane nad happy. I love my little man. I am very thankful for him, I am thankful the God chose for him to live and thrive like he is. I am hopeful that Kadyn's shunt is working and that it will continue to work for a long time. I can't say forever because although it is not impossible, it is very unlikely.


TannaLee said...

It is in Kadyn's best interest that you are monitoring and hopefully documenting all that you are experiencing. That will help the doctors more than you can know. And if the doctors seem, more or less, 'unconcerned', then maybe different doctors are merited, if you have the means of access to others. It appears you do not have 'cushy' insurance coverage, which can put you in a compromised position (depending on your locale). I cannot imagine how you must be out of your mind with worry... you are doing the very best job anyone in your position could possibly do. I know knowing you are a 'super mom' is not much comfort when Kadyn is possibly sick and not optimal... but I hope you take strength in knowing that he has in you, his wonderful mom, the best ally his lil body could have *hugs* and blessings and sending thoughts of love your way :-)

Michelle said...

I was going to suggest the same thing - it's probably time for a new set of docs that will take this a bit more seriously. You are doing a great job of fighting for your little man!

Kristen said...

I wish I could give you a hug right now. It is hard to feel relaxed and care-free when Kadyn is not feeling well.

If you are thinking about different doctors, we can highly recommend the Neurosurgeon at the U of M hospital, Dr. Maher.

I don't personally know anything about the Neurologist, but we've been happy with every area of Cayman's care at U of M that I would strongly guess the Neurology department is good too.

Or the single, most helpful thing we have done for Cayman's health is take her to the Naturopathic Doctor in Adrian, MI. Insurance does not cover it, but maybe your friends and family could help with a fund raiser to cover the costs.

Monica said...

The sleeping could just be his body fighting off illness but it conserns me it could be a build up of pressure.

It could just mean the shunt needs a flush to clear protin blacking the distal. This can be done in the office or the neurosurgeon.