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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Lets start with Christmas Eve. Kadyn made it through Christmas Eve this year with no problems. He ate dinner with us, he also opened presents. It was a good time.

We all went to bed that night awaiting Santa to arrive and bring presents during the night. But at 5 am we woke up, and Kadyn began to seize. So we dialed for the ambulance and began our trip to the first hospital. 

Kadyn seizures stopped once we got to Children's hospital. When we got a room he had 3 more seizures and his fever was very high. They were checking his fever once every 15 minutes until it went down. So blood work was what they thought would be needed the most. So after yesterday's blood work, we have more today. Luckily we can get all of that from his Port, so no poke no pain! YAY!

So, since we spent Christmas in the hospital again this year, we will be having out Christmas as soon as Kadyn gets home. Our roommates, bless their hearts, won't open their gifts until Kadyn is home!

I'll post our Christmas Eve get together as soon as we are home from the hospital.