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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life is going to be changing soon.

There are many things that I have to talk about. Kadyn, mine and Harvey's life are soon going to be changing. Well not too soon, but when Harvey gets home for good. Everyone knows that Harvey and I have had a hard year, relationship wise, and I know that it wasn't all mine or his fault because it takes too. Although my stress with Kadyn's health really took a toll on me and I took it out on him. So anyways. Harvey and I have been back together for a long time now. We never did got married because once I had the insurance and WIC and everything else for Kadyn worked out, it was easier, and saved more money that way, but now we are talking about getting married. This actually came up because Harvey wants to go active in the Army if he does not get the job her wants. So, all of our house searching has come to a hault. We are not looking into buying a house until we know that he has a job working with Border Patrol. If he gets denied again he will enlist to active duty into the Army, and him and I will get married so Kadyn and I can go with him. We also been talking about having more children. Well one more. I really don't want Kadyn to be the only child. Since his health has taken a huge turn for the better, we decided that we would try for another child. (NOT FOR A YEAR OR SO THOUGH LOL) We want to be settled down in a place for awhile, our own home, and everything before we even think about it. Just some things we have been talking about. He brought it all up too haha! :)

Kadyn has been doing good. I am a little worried about him right now though. His scars are looking a bit red and he is running a fever of 100.1. I am really wondering if he could get a shunt infection even though it's been 2 months since they messed with his shunt, and it's been 5 months since his last revison. Or I wonder if Kadyn is just warm. So I gave him Tylenol and a bath and hopefully he maybe just has a little virus. He did sneeze like 4 times after his bath. He sneezes adn then laughs about it. So cute! I have to make Kadyn and caridology appointment. ugh I forgot he is over due for that! I am not too worried because the last time the doctor tried listening for the murmur they couldn't even hear it. So that was good news! I think if Kadyn's scars still look red and he still has a fever I am going to call the Neursurgery office and see if it's possible. He is acting just fine, but he was when he has his last shunt infection. I wish Kadyn was better at showing signs of this stuff. It's always a guessing game with him. (sigh)

He is in his bed right now, and he is playing and being good. He is such a trooper. I hope this is just something silly and he is over it by tomorrow :0)


Michelle said...

once Kadyn's older, he will be able to tell you when it's his shunt. i didn't get my first shunt until i was 22, less than 2 years ago, and i already know exactly when something's going on. you just gotta hang in there til then!

Kristen said...

I sure hope our kiddos learn well when they are older how to tell us if they have a headache or how they are feeling. The guessing game is exhausting, I understand. I have been desperately trying to teach Cayman the sign for "hurt", which is a tough one to teach. It's not as simple as holding up a picture of a ball and signing "ball". I have to wait until she bumps her head or does something that seems to have inflicted pain yet that's all the stuff we are trying to also prevent for our kiddos all day long too.

I feel excited and hopeful for you and Harvey and all your future dreaming you are doing. It sounds wonderful.