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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We are admitted

Fianlly we are admitted and got Kadyn on the EEG machine. He has this cute hat thing going on. He is sound asleep though. Lucky him! I am not allowed to sleep. The bribed me with two meal tickets :). So I get 2 free meals. I am saving one for breakfast tomorrow morning! I am so tired right now, ugh. Kadyn is asleep and I wish I could sleep. It's not fair lol! He kept me up all night.

I feel terrible. I was suppose to have ALexa this morning and I slept through my alarm. More like my alarm aka my cell phone, dropped on the ground and the battery fell out. I was so mad at myself! I felt so horrible! I immediatly texted Nicole and told her how dumb I felt and how sorry I was. She said it was okay that stuff happens and it wasn't my fault. I always sleep with my alarm under my pillow because Cougar (my kitty) will bat it off my table and try to play with it across the floor, and who knows where it would go!
I guess I'll update more as we go on. It's going to be a long day. Maybe I can sneak a nap or two in ;)


Anonymous said...

You can do it Sara! Stay awake! Kaydn is such a little doll. Ya, Ya, ya!

Hugs, Jan in Wisconsin

Kristen said...

Good luck! I'm cheering you on too! You can do it!! :)