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Sunday, January 9, 2011

What to do?

It seems my patience have run out. I find myself getting super frustrated over Kadyn's whines. Mostly when I can't figure out what to do to make him feel better. Pain meds seem to help for a little bit, but not long enough. I try to hold him and he likes that for about maybe an hour then he is back to being uncomfortable. He goes in his bed and whines the whole time, and sleep seems to be impossible for him anymore. He has a seizure on Saturday and I am begining to wonder if I should take him in. The day of his seizure. He had slept until 1030am, woke up, had a seizure, and went back to sleep until about 1pm (this is normal postictal state for him) then he was back to sleep around 6pm-11pm. He went back out at 4am-7am. Then went back out at 8am (which I had to be holding him) until around 11am. Then he was back out from 1pm-4pm. He then slept on the way back home which was from 7:30pm-9pm. He has been awake since and has been in the worst mood ever. I know he just had a seizure, but I am thinking taking him in tomorrow to see his neurosurgeon would be best. My nerves are shot. I get frustrated so easily right now because I don't have any clue as to why Kadyn is acting like this. He seems to be so uncomfortable. I am hoping to get him back into his pediatrician here soon. I really need to work on better pain management for Kadyn. He has needed Tylenol for the past few days.

I do know that he hasn't gone to the bathroom in a few days. I gave him his Mirilax, so maybe I'll hold off on going to the Dr until he goes. He could be in pain from that. So we will see. Hopefully he goes tomorrow and I'll figure this all out. I really need to talk to his Dr about sleeping though. It seems he doesn't want to sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time when he is feeling good. The broken sleep is just making me not feel so well. I get headaches easily and they are stronger. Hopefully we can get this all straightened out.


Anonymous said...

Sara, if the poor little guy hasn't had a B.M. in a few days, he may be very uncomfortable. Poor little thing. I hope the Miralax helps and there is relief for BOTH of you. Maybe during one of his naps you could treat yourself to a 30 minute bubble bath. Thinking about you, Jan.

Sue Z said...

Sleeping for only a few hours at a time will definitely (and probably already has)taken a toll on you. Remember that you have to take care of YOU ... before you can take care of Kadyn!! Is Kadyn enrolled in a school or day training program? That would take a lot of pressure off of you!!