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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bad day

Kadyn is having an awful day today. Sleeping a lot and super irritated. I was forced to come home from Ohio due to I felt safer being closer to his hospital. Although he could just be having an off day, I am on high alert. It started last night when we had a rough night of restless sleep. He kept moving back and forth in his bed. He then woke up at 6:30am. I got him his bottle and I laid back down for a minute to wake myself up and rest a little. I am not a morning person and I can not jump out of bed and be ready for the day. Takes some convincing. Kadyn then fell back asleep until around 10am when I had to wake him to get him ready for church. We were late needless to say but that is because I also fell back asleep. At church he was quiet and wanted me to hold him pretty much the whole time. Everyone knows Kadyn does NOT like being held at all. So after church instead of staying and talking I took him back to my sisters and laid him in his bed where he fell asleep until around 4pm when I had enough and wanted to head home. He rode home with his eyes closed the whole time. There was no sun in his eyes as it was pretty cloudy. He hasn't really been eating good at all. I have not made formula for him at all today. He is still working on his  bottle from this morning. I am hoping he is just having an off day, but all this combined set my mommy alarms off and being closer to his hospital is what is best. Now that we are home he is doing a little better, and hopefully this continues.