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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Good Morning!

Not going to let a silly ol hospital stay get us down. There are many things to look forward to. This is just another small bump in the road to Kadyn's health! For every Goliath there is a Stone, and soon I'll be getting my sling shot out and aiming. Eventually things will be totally calm. Kadyn will be "his" healthy again. Things will be ok. It could be worse right? 7 hour naps, fever. Oh but fever is gone when we get to the hospital but he is still highly tired. Not eating. Normally by now he has chugged down 2 or 3 8 ounce bottles. We are at 2 ounces. We are suppose to have some amazing visitors tomorrow. Who knows, maybe his blood work will show nothing and they will silently amongst themselves call me one of those crazy moms, who brings their child in if they sneeze wrong, oh wait.....I am one of those moms! With the history that Kadyn has had, I think it is understandable.

Not to mention there is nothing like sleeping on a big comfy chair, that makes more noise than a Jeep missing it's muffler. Oh wait that is my Jeep. :D Making small jokes about things, makes dealing with this junk easier. Oh I am suppose to hear from Project Find any day now, and here we are. The Walk and his Birthday is this Saturday, maybe we will be home by then. Sigh. You can never plan anything ahead of time. Kadyn always keeps me on my toes.

At least I have BiggBy Coffee and Subway here. I thought I had told Kadyn no more hospital stays. Oh we did get a congratulations from Dr. Ham (neurosurgeon) on making it past one year since his last revision. Thanks! It's because of him that Kadyn's shunt is working amazingly well. Although I wonder, are both catheters working like they should be? It's hard when they are afraid to tap him or anything to make sure because he gets infection so easily. Maybe not so much anymore now that his body hasn't had any seizures in a while. Kadyn woke up at 7am and is already back to sleep. Sigh.

Why is it that a doctor that has never seen Kadyn before, say "He is looking better" When in all reality he is looking worse. He didn't see Kadyn making noises, smiling and having a good time last night. Confusing the doctors as to why he has this fever and sleeping he is so much, yet he is happy and playing. He has hardly smiled today. Breaks my heart. He has iv in his port and one in his hand Neurosurgery will be by just to check on him. Oh pediatrics are right outside the door, they always close the door while talking about the children in the room. I think I am mainly just listing random thoughts in random order. I'm bored. I should color, I brought a coloring book and crayons and colored pencils. That is just how I roll. Pampers diapers are horrible diapers to be in while on IV. They are paper thing and one pee and Kadyn's peed through. Bedding changes are frequent with him. I should use my own diapers to keep this from happening, but they are so expensive and it's cheaper to wash his clothes.

Well I guess I'll end this random thought fest. Perhaps things will be ok and they will let us go home, I don't know. Lame. :( BOO again. I want to go home. *pouty face*


Kristen said...

Cracking jokes is what we do when in the hospital too. I was shaking my head over the memory of the scene in Cayman's hospital room the last time she was in (beginning of May). Some friends stopped by on their appointment visit with their daughter born with a heart defect. We were talking about all the things, up's and down's, the guessing, and quick reaction episodes our children put us through. And we were laughing over it, I guess at the things we go through and survive. Must have been odd for the passing stranger to hear our conversation accompanied by laughter. It is the way though, to push through.