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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our House.....hopefully

I love this house. It's so amazing the potential I see in it. We are waiting on the sellers to get the septic tank inspected. We were suppose to close today. but we could maybe tomorrow. Which means they have a month to get their things and move out. Although they have not been living there and by the looks of the pictures they are moving things out already. Thank goodness! I just want to move in! The flooring will need to be fixed to carpeting in Kadyn's room of course and painting will be needed in all rooms. We are slowly going to move in. No big hurry at all. I am just tired of living in the Detroit area.

Well here is a mini tour of our house in the condition it is in now, as soon as we get the ok on the Septic tank (which will either make or break this move) hopefully we can close and they will get the rest of their things and we can move in! :D

The close up!
Street view
The ride Rear view of our home
our bedroom, supposedly the bedroom set is staying. :D
This would be Kadyn's room. Like the flooring? LOL

What is suppose to be the dining room.
Our huge living room!
The full bath, it's so pink! haha!
The half bath.
Our Kitchen. Yes metal Cabinets. I kinda like them, Nothing a little metallic spray paint can't fix!
The Utility Room. The only things staying are the washer and dryer.

A tool shed, although I believe they are taking this with them, I could be wrong though.
Here is the back yard, of course the cars and junk back there will be removed.
This is the pole, plus neighbors house and  a ditch, what fun haha!
Here is out Front side Yard


Kristen said...

I am excited for you! I know how bad you've been wanting a house of your own. It's a fun time moving in and getting a place settled to call your own. Good luck with everything.

I love the living room. So big and spacious. What a great room for hanging out in. And Kadyn will love rolling across it I am sure. I like your plans to keep the metal kitchen cupboards. What a cute kitchen. You could go with a vintage diner feel, sticking with the metal. How fun!

Sue Z said...

Very cute house and yes ... a TON of possibility there! How exciting!!

Rebecca Free said...

WoW! So I have an idea to solve the pretty pink ;) What about shurbert, orange,yellow,green...I seen it in a magazine and thought of you :)