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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Kadyn's fever keeps coming and going. I think it's the storms we have been getting lately. I mean it seems like every other day there is a storm. Although this year we are not really getting as hit as bad as we did last year. I haven't heard a single tornado siren yet! Other than the fever Kadyn had a bit of the runny poops, which 24 hours of fruit flavored pedialyte did the trick to get him back to his perky self. I am pretty sure whatever was going on was viral. I believe one more day of relaxing will be in store for him. Tomorrow Harvey and I are going out and looking at houses again. Kadyn will be staying home with my mom. I do not like taking Kaydn out because you never know what you might find in a house. Moldy smells, or anything else would be enough to make Kadyn feel sick. I'd rather not go there. Not to mention Kadyn does not like being held and well, I wouldn't set him down in a house unless I have fully cleaned the carpets or flooring. So He stays with my mom, but he loves it. He loves his Nana!

Kadyn is also going through this phase where he whines a lot. I have this feeling that he whines because he knows he can do it. He likes to here it. Although I don't. Whining is one of my biggest pet peeves. It's like nails on a chalk board to me. So, I tell Kadyn No No and he just does it again. It's a never ending circle, but that is ok. I mean I was never suppose to hear him at all, remember? (rofl)

A week from today we will be celebrating Kadyn's 4th birthday! I am so excited. Although it's almost a month later (which is ok!) it is going to be a lot of fun. We have a huge picnic area for the party and it's right next to the play ground! How exciting! The kids will love love love love it!

Although we have run into an issue. Our Jeep broke down again. Harvey thinks he knows what it is, so hopefully he can fix it. I love having a mechanic around! He can fix just about anything. He is a pretty good self learner. Which I am thankful for because I couldn't ever do those things. I can change my oil and change a flat, but hay, if i don't have to I totally won't. Isn't that what men are for anyways? (rofl)


LCarvalho said...

Anyway, changing completely the topic, maybe the reason why he is whining so loudly is because he had a little hearing loss, it may happen, there are scientific reasons for that(just know that because I had to prepare a presentation for school last yaer,lol I am actually using it!lol)

Soooo, simplifying it, when people have hearing losses they talk(or whine in this case) louder in order to be able to hear themselves

That's it, wish I helped and wish Kadyn will go through this fast!!