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Monday, August 22, 2011

Kadyns getting a new ride

Yup, I put together all of Kadyn's birthday money and bought him this new stroller. His other one he has had for over 4 years so I figured it was time for an upgrade for him. You can read about this stroller here. Not to mention, because I ordered it online, I got free shipping and a free diaper bag. Do I need a diaper bag, no, not really. I normally just use a regular bag for him now, but who can resist free. Plus I saved $20 in gas to go get it and bring it back :)! Oh boy can I not wait for this to come in. I am super excited. I will be able to jog, rollar blade and do more walking with Kadyn riding in style and remaining comfy. Not to mention this goes up to 60lbs. Kadyn being only 28lbs (he lost 2lbs already :( ) will be in it for a long time! YAY!

Kadyn had to go to the ER today. He is full of poop. His Miralax wasn't working for him as much anymore so they added Senna along with it. So I see tomorrow being full of diapers. Also tomorrow in addition to babysitting Alexa, I'll have her older brother Wyatt. I am bring brave, huh? Well Wyatt and Alexa and Kadyn and I can all play outside. I see side walk chalk, blowing bubbles and Kadyn safely in his pack and play. Plus Wyatt being 4 can help me wash my dogs. Kids like that stuff right? Think he will want to fold my laundry too? lol!

Harvey's work schedule has changed. Starting tonight he is working 7pm-7am (so he is at work already boo!) tomorrow he will work 7am to 7pm. Then Wednesday and Thurs 11pm-7am and he will have Fri Sat Sun off. YAY! How exciting for a 3 day weekend. This will give us more family time...or perhaps more time to work on things around here.

Kadyn has been pretty good besides his poo issue. The only issue is him losing the 2lbs but it could be because it's been so hot this summer. He hasn't been eating good at all, so hopefully now that the weather had calmed down a bit he will eat better.

Still waiting on the bank to approve our offer on the house. UGH! Just want to move NOW!