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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Recording Kadyns temps

I have started taking Kadyn's temps every evening. I am trying to find a pattern I guess, and this has failed. Kadyn for the last few months has been running higher than normal temps. Perhaps this is just the way his body is. I actually just started doing this a week ago. So here is what I got.

  • Sunday 8-21-2011 100.6
  • Monday 8-22-2011 99.6
  • Tuesday 8-23-2011 99.7
  • Wednesday 8-24-2011 99.6
  • Thursday 8-25-2011 99.2
  • Friday 8-26-2011 100.1
  • Saturday 8-27-2011 100.2
  • Sunday 8-28-2011 99.7
  • Monday 8-29-2011 100.7
  • Tuesday 8-30-2011 99.1
  • Wednesday 8-31-2011 100.1
  • Thursday 9-1-2011 99.8
Kadyn is finally acting like his normal self, after a week of screaming and crying, it seems to be over. He is in a good mood now.  Now maybe his shunt was blocked and it resolved itself, this I may never know. To see Kadyn laughing and playing and talking again though, was worth the stress we went through!!! I just can't imagine how he does it.

So Kadyn will be going to school in two different school districts here. Well I am hoping that the school district that we do not live in, will be willing to take Kadyn and not the one we live in. Lincoln Park public schools are known for placing the special needs kids in with the ones who are not. I have seen this as I graduated from high school here. There was a boy who was a grade below me who was highly Autistic and mentally delayed. He would yell and make loud noises out of no where and the kids would make fun of him. My heart always hurt for this boy. We were not allowed to socialize with him without his councilperson present. He was  danger to others if we upset him. Which he didn't know better and wasn't his fault. I don't want that for Kadyn. I want Kadyn to be placed with other special needs children in smaller classes because he needs more one on one attention, which I don't think he will get going to the schools here. The school district will call me Tuesday and I will know more then. I am hoping he will be able to start this fall! I need to go school shopping and bring Kadyn's wheelchair out of the basement in hopes I can adjust it to fit his tall body now! (hehe)

So now to call his pediatrician tomorrow and schedule an appointment. Also need to call many other specialists. I swear I need to stop running out of the hospital and wait the few minutes it takes to schedule the appointment right there, but I always tell Kadyn, lets get out of here before they decide to keep us!! :D


Michelle said...

It might be helpful to know that everyone's temp goes up toward bedtime - and kids do it a bit more than adults. Owen's temp chart would look the same as I've watched his temp closely over the year. I know that his is around in the upper 99's to just over 100 (rectally usually) at bedtime every night. I would suspect that Sammy's does too, but I haven't spent months on end monitoring her temp after shunt placements like I have Owens. Even when I was taking my temp 12 times a day when we were trying to get pregnant with Sammy though, mine went up at night too. It's just part of the natural cycle.