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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Over Due Hair cut!

Kadyn was starting to look a wee bit girly. His hair was growing long, which meant it was perfect for him to spill his milk in it and get it all sticky and yucky. This was even more fun when done right before going to the doctor. When his hair is long it's crazy, There is no way to keep it nice looking. It's just naturally all over the place. So I cut it short. Cutting the  back a bit shorter because he was actually growing him length. 

Here are the before pictures  I took:
Ops that is not him! (haha) 
You can see how curly and crazy his hair can be, but to mention the stickiness of breakfast behind his ear.

This side was a bit crazy too!

Nothing beats the top.

How about some after pictures:

He really is not a fan of the hair cut.

But he is a fan of a bath. Although he will not put his feet in the water anymore!

They are best friends!

My best friend! :D I love this picture! Although he is trying to poke my eye out. (haha)

Tomorrow or maybe even later on today I am wanting to post our Halloween decor. We got a lot of compliments on them this year. Perhaps it's because Harvey and I decorated this year.

We got word that we should be closed on our house before Christmas. I am hoping so. I would love to spend Christmas day in our own home! That would be wonderful. We are just tired of the whole waiting game on getting a house. I guess that is what we get for going for a short sale. Oh well, This house is worth the wait!!


Kristen said...

Oh man do I hear ya on the whole waiting game thing. We're waiting ourselves. Waiting for our house to sell. Waiting to move. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Not an easy thing when every part of you is ready to be settled and finding life's routine at home. It's a wonderful thing.

Kadyn's hair cut looks great!

Colette said...

Oh the hair cut is fab..Kayden is looking toooo adorable!! :) xx

Colette said...

Oh and I meant to say....your new dog is just sooo cute! I love my 2 doggies too, they become so much a part of the family that they always feel to have been a part of it and try to remember what was life like before them....with no success!! haha