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Friday, December 30, 2011


I know I have yet to do a Christmas post, but I will get to it. With everything going on, it really has been placed on the back burner.

Yesterday (since it's 1am) was Kadyn's MRI. We had to be there at 2 so Kadyn had to stop eating at 830 and clear liquids only until 12. He actually ended up eating once with no clear fluids. It's funny because He ate so well and so much the day before that I think his belly was just full. I ended up leaving a little earlier than normal since we moved and access to the freeway is not as easy as it was in my old house. I got there a half hour early and decided to just go in, in hopes maybe someone missed their appointment and they would be able to take us. I have had it happen before. This time didn't and we actually got in there a little late. This was the first MRI I had experienced with Kadyn but yet it was his 2nd (3rd if you count to fetal MRI I got while pregnant with him)  They were able to access his port, which was nice. They did look for a vein first but felt safer just using his port. Once the accessed his port, we went over the procedures of what would happen. The medications they would give him and then how long it would take. Watching Kadyn fall asleep rather then anesthesia was much easier and not as shocking. He fell asleep like he normally would for bedtime, as with anesthesia it's looks like he goes from being all playful to lifeless. Never will I walk Kadyn back for surgery again, he really never needs me to anyways.  It took about an hour for everything to be done and he didn't need anymore medication then the first dosage.

Waking up was a rather difficult task, although in order for us to go home they had to see him open his eyes, and drink something. Which after 2 hours of waiting, I was mean and plugged his nose so he would wake up. Thankfully this woke up him enough to drink a bottle and we were sent home. Come to find out, Kadyn no longer has a programmable shunt. I didn't know that Dr. Ham used a different valve with his last shunt placement so i had NOTHING to worry about.

Kadyn fell asleep on the way home and slept for a very long time. He is awake now but he is hanging out with his Daddy who slept most of the day since he worked all night. I will be heading to dreamland soon as I am exhausted.

Hopefully I'll get answers to Kadyn's MRI next week sometime.