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Thursday, August 30, 2012

We are home

Oh the Joys of being home. Catching up on Laundry since we finally got a new washing machine. Ours broke a couple weeks ago. With Harvey starting a new job we were a tad short on cash. Thankfully we are catching up.

A couple weeks ago, this dog came into my life. So we have three now. Komet Korona and who I've been calling Zeus, but Harvey calls him Big Ugly. I don't think he is ugly but he sure drools a lot. The American Bull Dog/Pittie Mix is the new one. He is amazing. He is more well behaved then my other two. Harvey insists that we are not keeping him, but I beg to differ, In my eyes we are. He doesn't do anything bad, if anything everything he does is amazing. Walks great on a leash, stops and sits at every corner. has more manners than any dog I've ever known. Good Boy. I am getting him neutered on Sept 6th.

Kadyn is doing a lot better though. He still has a fever but nothing a little Tylenol can not fix. I am thankful he is feeling better. I am hopeful he will start to go up hill from here since the weather is suppose to be after tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but comment! You are not only a wonderful mama to Kadyn, but you care about animals too! I think it's great that you are adopting Zeus, and that you are also having him neutered. That shows that you are very responsible when it comes to your dogs. You're amazing!

I've been following your blog for quite some time. I can't even remember how I found it. I've never commented but after reading about Zeus and your plans to neuter him, I couldn't help it!

Luna (from Puerto Rico)