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Friday, April 12, 2013

Past Hospital Recall

Kadyn was recently in the hospital. He had a bad cough, cold, congestion causing him to have a hard time eating and drinking. No big deal, it happens. The issue with a child who is special needs is that you can't force any fluids in them unless they have a Gtube, NG tube ect. Kadyn gets his nutrition by mouth, and when he has a sore throat like anyone else he doesn't even want to think about eating. So we went in to get fluids. When they went to access his medport they realized that it would not give blood. It gave enough to get labs but after that nothing. So we assumed it was just the way the needle was at first. His blood work came back that his White Blood Count was low and his Palette count was low for him, so we were admitted for further testing/blood work.

The next morning the doctors wanted more blood work to check his Palette count again, but when trying to get blood off his port again, they got none. then we attempted to change the needle and when the other needle came out, fluid and a bit of blood came out which should not happen. So we earned a dye test. Basically they inject the port with a dye and use a special xray to follow the flow of the port. It took 5 minutes. The results were that Kadyn basically outgrew his port.
See all the blood/fluid around the gauze, that is not suppose to happen.
 Surgery was scheduled for the next day to get it fixed asap. Which was wonderful, we were already there and was not sure about when we were going home. He ended up getting surgery super early the next morning. They did blood work and his Palette count when up quite a bit, his white blood cell count when back to normal so we were able to go home about 8 hours after Kadyn's surgery.

Our view sucked! 
Now that we are home Kadyn has been eating and drinking a lot better, he is happier and has not needed pain medication. I on the other hand fell very sick and ended up in Urgent Care. Basically allergies are so bad that my lungs where having a hard time working. My oxygen level was at 95 and my heart rate was 130. So after a breathing treatment everything was better. The dr sent me home on allergy medication and an inhaler. It's helped a lot, except the medication makes me super sleepy. Which is my normal reaction to any medication.
Lil man slept amazingly last night
I'm 21 weeks pregnant. 19 more to go! I'm super excited with how quickly this pregnancy is going by. It's easier now than in the beginning. I feel Kyle kick more and more and they are becoming stronger and stronger. Soon the weather will be nicer and I can go on more walks, it'll be good for me and the baby.