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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kinda recalling everything this month...

Kadyn is having a hard time spoon feeding. I dont know, i try to teach him, ive tryed everything. He just screams when the bottle isnt in his mouth. I tryed feeding him until he was almost full and then giving him some food and all he does he spit it out and cries. I also tryed giving him food then stick the bottle right back in his mouth but he will just fuss when i do that. I tryed the whole get him mainly full then stick spoon in is mouth then bottle back right away, he will just sit there and wine for like two minutes then start drinking again. I had him spoon feeding really good before his two revisions and now i feel i have to start all over, except this time is worse. I even skipped a couple days thinking that maybe he was tramatized because he wasnt allowed to eat for awhile the one day and i though well if i give him the botttle only two days in a row no food, he will get over that fear, but now im starting to think he forgot to eat with the spoon.

Basically This picture is what i get whenever i try to put food in his mouth. I try, i was told not to try if he was upset or if i got upset during it at all. I am not a patient person, but when it comes to kadyn i know when to walk away and take a breath. I do get frustrated easily, real easily. I hate it, and im trying to work on it, but since Kadyn its gotten A LOT better. So sometimes i chose not so try and feed him because my frustration level is up and i just feed him a bottle. I wonder not if its maybe because he is teething and that his upper teeth hurt when i put the spoon in his mouth. I dont know and trying to get him into PT and OT has been hell. Seeing as im not working and with the way Kadyns insurance is, they have to come out to the house and basically see if he qualifies for it. Well, when i was working i was never home during the week and i guess i had to be home. I tryed to get week days off but i couldnt. So now that im finally not working kadyn was in and out of the hospital all this month and now no one will be in the office until june 2nd. My son is soo far behind in his PT and OT i feel horrible. I think the OT will help with his spoon feeding. He is doing pretty good though without having any PT. He is trying to lift his head up when he is on his belly he trys sooo hard, and he rolls over and he can move a toy for one hand to another. He knows how to turn his toys on, with his head LOL. He had a hard plastic fish bowl toy and he would use his head to turn it on, i had to take it out of his crib because he would get bruises on his head from it, and i would get a million questions at the doctors office. He is amazing little guy. For someone who NO ONE though would make it to see his first birthday, well his first birthday is July 2nd. He has done so well. I almost lost him once, he had a shunt infection at a month old, and they swore he wouldnt make it, well for someone who wasnt suppose to make it then was up and eating the next day after surgery. He is an amazing little guy and he makes me so thankful that i get to be his mommy.

This is Kadyn and his daddy. This picture i love because hey both have the same expression. The bandage on Kadyns head is from his EVD he had. This wasnt because of a shunt infection but a skin infection.

This what his skin infection looked like. You can see where the infection started eating away at his sking and then the yellow piece yeah thats his shunt, if anyone wanted to know what color the shunt was, well because his shunt was exposed this lead to his second revision within a month. The first one was because his shunt was blocked. The sad part was that no one believed me when i knew kadyn wasnt himself anymore. He slept all the time, but they said because he was smileing and laughing he was okay, even though when they tapped his shunt his pressure was low and his distill was ok. They told me that maybe thats just the way his shunt worked for him, yeah we were back in the hospital that week because of HIGH fever once again. He had a fever of 101.1 for a week. I took him back to the hospital and i demanded that they would look at his shunt, and when he began to have a breakthrough siezer in the ER room, they rushed him to trama he was put on oxygen, and then they did the shunt survery and noticed that his ventricals were a bit larger than from Novemebers CT scan. Now they are confused about why he has hydrocephalus, they say its because aqueductal stenosis, but now they think that his draining system works a little because if he shunt had been blocked for so long then there should of been more fluid built up, so now they think his ventricals make too much fluid and his body cant keep up. I dont know, really doesnt matter why he has it to me anymore, he has it, thats all that there is too it. I love Dr Ham, and when he came out from Kadyns revision he apologized and told me i was right. IM just glad that all of that is done and over with. Kadyn gets his stitches out Tuesday, and all his incisions looks beautiful. His shunt is working great, and he is a whole new happier more playful smiling, and laughing baby.
He amazes me everyday. I tell you his daddy and me are sooooo proud to be his parents. I cant wait to watch him grow and love him.