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Friday, May 30, 2008


Well kadyn has a fever, not really high....99.6, but still. Just another thing for me to worry about. Just found out his lil cousin is in hospital with a double ear infection and pnemonia. So now im really worried. I just gave kadyn tylenol. Luckly he is in his bed talking up a storm, but he is really crabby and he is sweating. I kinda see a hospital trip in out future. I was going to take kadyn camping this weekend because it was suppose to be nice, but im not anymore. I really hope he isnt sick. I really do, i dont want to go back to the hospital at all for awhile. This just isnt fair. He is all sweaty and hot but his temp isnt really high, but im going to keep a close watch on it. Im hoping maybe it could be because he is teething, but i dont know. Last time his temp went up his shunt was blocked and he was fussy and sleepy, kadyns now so much sleepy but he is fussy as hell. Its rediculous. Well he is crying again...


Kristen said...

It's tough having the "normal" worries of just being a mom, then to add to it all the extra medical things that can so easily go wrong with our little sweethearts. I know it's common to fever during teething. Hopefully that's all it is.