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Friday, May 23, 2008

A trip to the hospital

Today was pretty uneventful besides taking Kadyn to go see a nurse at the Neurosurgary clinic. I thought Kadyn was having fluid build up around his shunt and with the rollar coaster ride i just went through i wasnt take a chance. Which is located in Childrens Hospital. So i get there, and i hit traffic (baseball game) and i finally arrive there, pay to park, park, and get up to the clinic. Then i go to the window and the lady askes can i help you, and i said yes i think there is fluid built up around my sons shunt and she procedes to explain to me that i should of came earlier because they are getting ready to close. I gave the lady the meanest look ever and i said listen here, i drove all the way here fought through traffic mind you, yall dont close until 5 and its 4 oclock, so i want to see a nurse because ive been through hell and back with my sons shunts and i need to be clear that it either is fluid or its something else. So luckly a doctor was there and she was like oh kadyns mom, yes we will see you now come on back. They looked at it and said that it feels like a fluid but its just extra skin, she said to watch i though and if it starts to bubble up than it could be fluid. She looked at his sutures and reassured me that they looked great and that they want to keep his stitched in for another week. They are very nice, and i just said thankyou, and i asked what was with the receptionsit, i mean would she of told me the same thing if i had felt kadyns insicion was infected again. She said that she would talk to her. She said with patients like Kadyn who had plenty of flyer miles there (lol) they are willing to stay after for. I just said you know its not my fault i just noticed it, i freaked out, with all that me and kadyn been through i need to be sure, and she said that she didnt blame me, and that they love parents like me who are worried about thier kids health. So that was a quickk 10 minutes then home we went, well had to make a pit stop and feed him. I wasnt sure what it was and ifi should feed him or not, so i fed him. He is amazing. Its great how everything he has been through and he still finds away to smile. He is just happy.

Last night he stayed up until 3am, i think he just totally changed scheduals on me. LOL Oh well anyways.

Kadyn has been doing great, we have gone a full week without anything going wrong and im happy. I am soooo happy. I may go camping this weekend, we will see


Kristen said...

Camping! How great that you are still able to get out and do such fun stuff with Kadyn.