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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What a weekend

Well my weekend ended up being pretty nice. On sunday morning Harvey came and picked up his son kadyn. They went back to his apt. I went there shortly after and brought breakfast. Well something bad happened but i really dont want to talk about it. What matters is that everyone is ok! Well i get there and kadyn is sleeping on harveys bed adn he looked sooo cute, and since it was like 730am we moved him into his own lil pack n play there and we took a nap. Harvey woke up with kadyn to feed him, it felt great to sleep in. We went shopping with kadyn and because he still has his stitches in i had a lot of omg what happened, whats wrong, whats hydrocaphalus, omg is he going to be okay, and your in my prayers type deal. Which id much rather have someone ask then just stare at my cute lil man. So we finally got our shopping done and went back to the apartment to feed kadyn and get him ready to go see his great grandma. She really loves Kadyn and loves when he comes over to see her. His family wasnt too excited about Harvey and i having a kid but they have really come around and they love him to death. Kadyn likes it there too he gets a lot of attention from everyone. We decided to have a bonfire that night and that was nice. Kadyn couldnt be out for it because it got too cold that night so he was in the living room sleeping on the floor. It was a nice lil bonfire. We then went to Aimee and Brians ("his aunt and uncle"), and stayed the night because Harvey was going to wake up and go fishing. So that was nice. After all the fishing we went back to harveys apartment. I went home to clean my room and get some things done around the house, and harvey got to spend some time with his son alone. Which was nice for him. I let harvey take a break from kadyn and since it was memorial day and he is a solider he went to his friends bbq and ate and had fun. I stayed and watched kadyn even though it was suppose to be my two days off....i did it and we had fun.

Kadyn has been trying to lift his head up alot more, when he is on his belly he tryes so hard and if u have him on your shoulder he just jerks his head up off your shoulder and i have to catch it because if i dont it will fall down hard. He is rolling over more and reaching for things more, and moving toys from one hand to another alot better. Since they moved his shunt, it seems developmentaly he is coming around alot better. He also seems like he can see better, he has an optomology appointment tomorrow at 9:30am, which will be nice. He does have on lazy eye, but its not really called a lazy eye because it doesnt do it all the time, I dont remeber what they call it.
Kadyn is napping right now so i should eat and shower before he wakes up lol. He will be hungry when he wakes up. :-)
Hope everyone had a good weekend!!!


Kristen said...

It's great to hear of Kadyn's developmental gains! I pray they continue.