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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Okay so im a huge worry bug when it comes to kadyn. After all we have been through..i worry a lot. Well today he has been fussy and not wanting to eat at all. He has eaten but you gotta kinda force him to. I am really thinking his gums are hurting him because he has been putting his hands in his mouth. I hope thats all it is. I was looking at his head today and notice his veins were a bit visable. It could of been becasue he was crying. I dont know. I dont like the face that his shunt is in the back of his head now. I mean he lays on it and that worries me.
I hope its just his gums or he is just having an off day and he will be better tomorrow. After trying to comfort him for an hour i had to go put him in his bed and walk away and acually, he is doing fine in his bed so i think he just wants to be left alone today. Which is fine if he is going to be happy. it really hurts me when he is cranky...because i dont know how to comfort him because he has stitches all over his head and im sure it doesnt feel good to lay on them. He is suppose to get them out Tuesday. I hope they are ready, it will be 18 days. so im hoping he get them out. Anyways. Im exhausted from todays events and im coming down with a cold which sucks because i dont want to get kadyn sick. He gets sick so easily.


Kristen said...

I hope you and Kadyn are not sick right now! You guys don't need that that's for sure.