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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

OH boy oh boy, Finally good news!!!!

I am so far having a great day. Well besides Kadyn being in a horrible mood haha. OH well...babies have thier days. Well he woke up this morning at 530am which is not normal for him...he usually sleeps until 7 so i wasnt happy. Anyways Kadyn had an Optimology appointment at 9:30am, so i woke up fed kadyn at 5:30am, then i did some laundry, well threw some in dryer from last night and some in was this morning, then i poured myself a glass of water and set it on the floor so i could get kadyns things together. I go back to lay down and my cat is drinking from my water. isnt that So i was a lil upset, because who would drink after their cat.

So by the time i acually got settled down it was time to get up again and get kadyn dressed and go see the optimologiest. Well kadyn fought me to get dressed, rolled and twisted and well mad me work to get him dressed lol. I won of course, so i finally get him dressed, and go to get myself dressed and stuff, and pour him a bottle to take there because he would be hungry by the time his appointment rolled around. Thankfully i decided to leave early because the freeway was jam packed...crazy! So it takes me an hour instead of 20 minutes to get there, and we get there and kadyn is sleeping. So we finally get into the optomolgy place and sign in sit down and he is still passed took about 20 minutes to go back to the room, but once we got back there it took an hour to be seen, He by then was cranky cranky, and when i finally got him to settle nad eat here comes in the doctor. Luckly he just wanted to look at the optical nerve becaue he had 2 shunt revisions. So he said that (drum roll) Kadyn is offically considered a child that is not blind. He can see and he can hear.His seeing is just developmentally delayed, and that he will catch on with his Pt and Ot. I am soooo happy to hear that. So today was a happy day for me. Now that i am home kadyn is more content and im letting him roll around and play. He was so confined in his car seat and stroller.
Well goodbye all


Kristen said...

I had a cat and she ALWAYS did the same thing if there was a glass of water around! LOL

Again, I am so happy that Kadyn can see!! That's so great!!