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Friday, June 13, 2008


Well my baby boy is really sick. When we got to the hospital his temp was 102.8. They decided to tap his shunt, and well you guessed it, they believe it is infected. His CSF was a little cloudy, so we hope we caught it really early. Well, he is booked for surgery tomorrow, hopefully we will know more about his CSF culture tomorrow. So far i havent heard anything, but then again i left for a little bit and came back. I had to get some things to stay here, like my lap top, because i know im going to be here for awhile either way. If its not his shunt then they do not know what it is. His oxygen keeps destating but it only for a quick second. Im thinking its because his fever. They gave him motrin and it seems to be working great for him. He is NPO right now so they have tylenol ordered to be taking in his rectum. Ewww. Poor baby. He is pretty much in an okay mood, He just cant stay asleep. He falls asleep then wakes up falls asleep then wakes up. I just wish i could make him feel better. I dont think im going to sleep much with his oxygen levels acting all funky. But i am going to give it a try. I am very glad i have a private room. Thats makes me all happy, not that i dont like shareing rooms, but im more comfy with just kadyn and i, do to the fact he is sick and doesnt need to catch anymore bs.

Anyways i hope yall have a wonderful night.

Ill keep ya'll posted as to whats going on


Kristen said...

Oh dear!! Kadyn is in my prayers!! I'll watch for the updates.