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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Update today

Kadyn is out of surgery and back in our room. He has an external drain in his head now. He is doing really well. Sleepy but he wont go to sleep. His culture came back positive for infection. His rapid one came back negative this morning, but by the afternoon it ended up growing a gram negative bacteria, which is a really bad one. Luckly they started the antibiotics last night. They have him on two antibiotics. He is doing awesome though. I really wish his father was here, his father wishes he was here also, the only thing i can do is keep Harvey updated on whats going on. I miss him. OH well. Kadyn is going to have some visitors today, i hope. My sister and my parents are suppose to come here, so we will see. Well i am going to go rest for now. I will yack on here later if any other updates come across.


Kristen said...

i'm praying you get some rest and your visitors are able to make it. It helps when people can come in person and be there with ya. It seems to help break up the time in the hospital and help it go faster. Hang in there!