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Monday, June 16, 2008

Maybe the last update for the night lol

Well, kadyn is doing better, he is eating better, he had a bottle at 4am, 11pm, 4 pm and 7pm. So he is getting better. I have been here all day with him, i just dont want to leave his side. I will prolly leave him tomorrow for an hour to shower, and get some things together for tomorrow. Other than that im pretty much going to be here. They are hoping that its just a seven day thing and his infection will be cleared up and all gone. They are hopeing that he will fight this off fast. So we are hoping he is home before his birthday YAY. Anyways.

Kadyn has done great today, started out kinda rough but as soon as they adjusted his pressure setting he slowly began to improve. He is still a little hard to get to eat but once he gets going he doesnt stop, he eats slower than usual but im sure he is still a bit sore. Well I am going to lay down and write in my personal journal. Its part of my anger management haha!!

Have a good night yall and ill keep ya'll updated on my lil guy