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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My update for today

Kadyn is feeling so much better as you can tell from the pictures i have posted below. They came in today and saw him, and boarded him for a shunt replacement next Tuesday. YAY. They are hopeing that his infection is cleared and he will be able to go home that Friday. He is such a fighter. Though when they upped the pressure setting on his EVD, he perked right up a few hours later. Now its midnight, well half hour past, and he is talking and wont go to sleep. He didnt nap at all today lol. So he is up talking. He has learned mama, dada, and baba. He also says some other things by just mimicking sounds. Like it sounded like he said but a min ago, he prolly didnt though he was just mimicking noises. He makes alot of his own noises up, he also growls a lot, and he will smack his lips together and he also makes a raspberry noise. Well i am gonna try and lay down, even though my lil man wont sleep. :-) Hope that his infection clears up!!

He was excersizing i think in the bottom picture lol such a cutie
this lil guy just loves to smile, and he is too cute for words
This is an evd(bottom pic) incase anyone didnt know what it looked like. The sutures are from where they took his shunt out, and you can see they put the evd right above that and he isnt in any pain from the evd as long as i can keep the tube outta his lil hands lol.