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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh another wonderful day

Kadyn had a pretty good day today. He wasnt really in the mood to eat to much, but i think he is going through a growth spirt due to him sleeping a little bit more. When he was awake he was happy and wonderful. He smiled and played, so i dont think anything is wrong with his shunt, mainly because he normaly does have days like these where he is just lazy and doesnt really want to eat and pretty much wants to sleep a lot. He is asleep for the night now. Nothing major happened today really. Kadyn continues to keep rolling over, but everytime he does he gets mad LOL. Its funny. Friday Kadyn has an evaluation with a physical therapist, to where hopefully i can FINALLY get him into physical therapy and occupational therapy. Everyone is prolly wondering what took him so long to get into all of that. Everytime i have a appointment with them, kadyn ends up going into the hospital so then its re schedual it for another time, so its been hard basically to get him in it. He will do just fine once he starts. Then Wednesday June 18th he sees his neurosurgan which is awesome. I love his neurosurgan, i really do, he is an awesome doctor and he really takes care of Kadyn. Though he may seem a bit rude sometimes, he isnt, he is just in a hurry because he is always really busy, he always has new cases coming in everyday and also emergancy surgeries. I cant understand why some doctors kinda look at your child, and evaluate them as per what they see and what the parent says. Thats basically Kadyns Neurosurgan, He askes me how i think he is doing and if i believe anything is wrong with his shunt, and then he will look into his eyes and see if there is any built of pressure if not, Kadyn gets to go home for three months and then see Dr ham again.

Now what im really nervous about it, kadyns Cardiology appointment coming up in July, JUly 9th to be exact. Im nervous because im worried that the holes wont be fully closed, if they arent then kadyn will have open heart surgery in his future. Not until he is like 5 or 6 years old, but still, its one more surgary i hope he will never need. Then in august Kadyn sees the nephrologist who i have been trying to see since kadyns birth, but everytime kadyn has an appointment its missed because he is in the hospital.

Monday i have to call and make an appointment for his peditricain. He will be getting his 12 month shots :-(. Everytime he gets shots he breaks into a seizer :-(. Ugh. They try to control it by giving him tylenol because its the fever that makes him have seizer.

Well i think im going to call it a night now. I hope yall have a goodnight and maybe ill have something to update for tomorrow...

Night :-)


Lisa said...

Hi. I just came across your blog. I too have a child with hydrocephalus. She was born in September of last she is only a few months younger than your son.
I saw that Kristen commented on one of your previous posts....I have gotten to know her quite well through blogging. It's great to get to know other mothers who are dealing with the same things.
Take care.