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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I love taking pictures of Kadyn and his daddy. His daddy is gone in california for the army until the 26th of this month, and we both really miss him. It gets really hard taking care of Kadyn on my own. Harvey loves his son sooo much. Its amazing. I can not wait until harvey comes back home. Kadyn is laying in his bed right now relaxing, we just got home from running around and shopping. He is doing really good today. He is kind of congested but i think its more so allergies now. He isnt running a fever and only coughs when he gets really worked up, i have allergies so im thinking he got them from me. I dont know. He is happy today though, thankfully. NO more moody baby lol. Im going to go to walmarts tonight and get stamps for his birthday invites, after he goes to bed so i dont have to drag him out again, my mom and dad will be here and he will be sleeping so they just have to listen up for him and whatever. I do a lot of my shopping and stuff at night after Kadyn is asleep. Just cuz. I do take him out a lot though, if i have to go anywhere during the day he goes with me, i take him for walks too depending on the weather. If its too hot i dont take him out because he sweats and gets hot easily because of his heart. SO its pretty much depends on the weather, lately the past couple days we havent been able to go anywhere due to it always storming. Oh well.