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Friday, June 13, 2008

OH boy fever!!!

Well Kadyn has a temp of 101.9, he has been rubbing his eyes and been restless, ans at the same time he has been sleeping a lot. Im trying to get ahold of a nurse at the neurosurgary office but i know right now they are busy with patients. Im worried that his shunt may be not working again. He isnt showing any other signs of infection in his body, no runny nose, or congetstion. Just he is really really hot, and he keeps rubbing his eyes. He just isnt happy. I am going to call and leave a message, and ill give them until they close to get back to me, if no one does (which they normally do) i am going to take him to the ER. His temp is 101.9. I am afriad to give him tylenol in case i have to take him in due to the fact they will look at me like im crazy. This F****** (sorry but it had to be done) sucks! his whole body is on fire, i have him in nothing by a diaper. Id take the damn diaper off if i knew he wouldnt pee or poop on me lol. Ill keep everyone updated and posted as i know more. I am going to get dressed and pack me and him a bag...

ill update yall later