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Thursday, June 12, 2008

A walk today :-)

I decided to take Kadyn for a walk today. It was wonderful. We walked about...3 miles and stopped and did some shopping. He did so good in his big boy stroller. We walked and walked and walked, i dont know, i just did not want to stop. It was so beautiful out, and he needed the fresh air. He needed to just get out and be walked. He seemed to be feeling better as u can see in the picture to your left, he was happy to be outside and out of the house. I dont take Kadyn out much because he catches illness so easily, and i do not like taking care of a sick sick baby, but i let his bubble down and off we went, first it was okay im just going to go up to the dollar start which isnt that far and we will walk the ilse and maybe buy something, then it was well sears is just up to road a bit lets go look at baby clothes, so there we went to sears and we went up the elevator and looked at clothes and i found the cutest shorts for 5 bucks. I bought them. Then i decided i wanted ice cream, which was about a mile or so the other way, so off we went. I got an ice cream and finally decided to come home. Seeing has kadyn had fallen asleep on our way to ice cream place, i figured it was time to go home. I took a picture of that too------------ >

He was soooo tired that even when i picked him up out of his stroller he was still sleeping. I put him in his bed and he maybe slept a half an hour. So he is playing now, but he is going to be ready for a bottle soon then off to bed he goes. I think i am going to go do that now. I love my lil guy he is sooo amazing and did so well in his big boy stroller. Yes there is a lot of pink in this stroller, my brothers xwife thought i was having a girl, and i never took the stroller back, but thats okay lol..i know he is a boy, and well he knows now lol.
Goodnight all