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Saturday, June 14, 2008

One more before i call it a night.

Kadyn is feeling a little bit better. He is still a little restless and not eating at all. I really miss my old guy already. He was so happy, and now he is really really sick. Im thinking Kadyn will be here in the hospital through his birthday. I really wish Harvey was here right now. Kadyns visitors never did come they are coming tomorrow when he feels better, which is good because he really feels crappy. I dont like being in detroit really, the view sucks out the window lol. Well, Kadyn is being a good boy, laying in his bed, i try not to hold him alot for his EVD can drain properly, though i just want to snuggle with him, they tell me unless he is crying to just let him lay in bed for awhile. Mainly because yesterday his shunt stopped working. Ugh. So now its a watch and wait game for kadyn and i. :0(

Seriously though, i think im one of the better parents on this floor. I swear there are some babies just left in thier rooms all by themselves for the day, i understand some people have jobs and other kids, but damn how can you just leave your baby in the hospital. I have only left kadyns side twice! Once to go home and get some things which was yesterday and today i left to go take a shower. Thats it. I have not stepped foot out of this hospital. I refuse to. IM not leaving my son alone in a huge hospital. You never know nurses arent always watching and someone could come into his room ya know. I dont think it would happen but ive had nightmares lol.

Anyways i am going to go downstairs and get a snack because i havent really eaten at all today. I am gong to wendys i think.

Goodnight and ill have pictures and an update tomorrow.

Love yall!!