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Sunday, June 1, 2008


You know they told me if your baby can smile then they are going to be just fine. My son has been smiling since a month old...this is his first smile. he had his feeding tube down his nose then, this was the day before i took it out! He is an amazing baby. He has had many faces since he was born. He is hilarious and countinues to grow into a wonderful baby boy. i am so proud of him. They gave my son no hope, they told me his outlook wasnt good and that developmentally he will never be all there. but my son is all there. He is a smart man, and he has surprised all of his docotors.
This is one of his silly faces. He used to do this all the time.I just am going back in time when my lil guy was lil. He is getting so big. I kinda cryed a little today when the doctors asked me how old he was. 11 months tomorrow. Wow! One month from tomorrow he will be a year old. Can you believe it!! Omg im crying now LOL! I love him so much and he has come so far. His first birthday is going to be a specail one, because they told me he wouldnt have a first birthday and he would be lucky to make it three months. After all we have been through for him to be alive is amazing. He has been through alot more than an adult has been through. He has fought menengitous and won that battle. He wanted to live and did!

This is a picture of my family. My family means the world to me. Always has and always will. Well i better get some sleep...kadyn will be up in a few hours to eat or something lol. goodnight