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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Er trip today

Well kadyn, harvey, and i went to the hospital today. Kadyn was not acting like himself at all and nothing was breaking the fever, and since before we went to the hospital he was showing no signs of any other infection i finally decided to freak out and take him in. So we get there and they do a rectal temp and tell me he doesnt have a fever, BS! Fix ur thermonitor. So they come in and ask me all the questions adn then call neurosurgary and they decided to tap his shunt, clear fluid thank goodness and his shunt is working perfectly. Soooo...while we are there he starts coughing and sneezing and getting sniffles and then breaks out in a horrible rash. Well they did do blood work and some number came up which had neurosurgary worried and they said his csf may come back positive and if it does we will call you.So they told me that they think he has a upper respitory infection adn that they only thing to do for him is give him a cool bath when i get home then give him tylenol and motrin around the clock. so thats exactly what im doing. Im giving tylenol waiting four hours then motrin then wait 6 hours and then tylenol, thats what they told me to do. He is sleeping right now, he had a rough day. So i hope and i pray that its just an upper respitory infection adn that we wont have to go back. She said that if we cant get his fever to break at all within 48 hours to bring him back. So i hope i can get his fever to break at least a little. hope for the best